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Style Tips : Choosing the right heels

This month we are focusing on particular style tips beginning with choosing the right heels for your special occasion. Below are our top 5 tips :-

Right Heels


Tip 1 :  Heel placement 

If the heel is too far back, it won’t support your weight properly. When looking for heels make sure the center line of the heel is directly under the center of your own heel. Thicker heels often do this automatically, or you can look for narrow heels that dip in slightly at the top.


Right Heels
Thicker heels offer better support


Tip 2 : Security

The easier it is for you to slip out of your heels, the harder they will be to walk in. Your shoes should feel like an extension of your body, not something foreign that could fall off at any moment. Look for a high heel that has straps across the toe area, arch and ankle. For example, a slingback or a pump is preferable to a mule, but a boot or something with a strap that goes across the front of the foot and/or ankle is even better.


Right Heels
Heels with ankle support


Right Heels
Heels with ankle support


Tip 3 : Sole thickness

When choosing high heels keep in mind that the ones which are far more comfortable are the ones with a little padding, especially on hard surfaces, so some sort of a platform is always a good idea.  Chunkier platforms which have a rounded solel also helps to keep your weight back on the balls of your feet, instead of forward on your toes and therefore, giving you greater stability. If your shoes don’t have a platform, try adding a gel insole.


Right Heels
Platform heels



 Tip 4 : Sole rigidity

Steer clear of heels with rigid soles made out of wood or hard plastic. Leather and rubber soles have more give, so they move with your feet and adjust better to inconsistencies in the ground.

Right Heels
Heels with rubber soles


Right Heels
Heels with leather soles


Tip 5 : Heel Thickness

The wider your heels, the greater your stability. Wedges can be even more stable, provided they are not too narrow and the entirety of the sole touches the ground.

Right Heels
Wedge heels offer better stability


Finally I leave you with the 4 common mistakes that us women make when shoe shopping are :-

  • the shoe doesn’t fit. ie there is a noticeable gap between the shoe and your foot.
  • not enough coverage ie. don’t choose heels with only one tiny ankle strap.
  • extreme height which causes pain under the ball of the foot
  • toe torture ie. pointy heels that squash your toes


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Right Heels