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Style Tips : Clutch bag Essentials

Let’s be honest Ladies, everything in our bags are essentials in our eyes, so how do we downsize from tote to a clutch bag and still have everything we might possibly need!? Here is a clutch bag essentials 101 tips on what to really throw into your clutch bag before you leave the house for your special event.


First on the list is lipstick to touch up, whether its gloss or a lip stainer, you going to need to touch up for those pictures and after you indulge in some treats. Along with your lipstick should be your compact powder if you tend to have oily skin to ensure your skin stays matte and flawless.

Clutch Bag

The nest essential should be your lady safety precaution, whether you are anticipating a visit or not, mistakes can happen and someone is bound to ask if you are carrying any tampons with you. However, I do urge you, to make sure it’s slipped safely into the inner pocket of your clutch bag zipped up and avoiding any public appearances!

Clutch Bag

Your next item needs to be some cash or your credit card. It’s always a good idea to carry cash with you, but if you are a card type of lady, please don’t forget to pack it. The last thing you need is for your date that actually cannot wait to get away from, to pay for your dinner and your taxi drive home. We are always promoting independent women!

The last category is any other miscellaneous items you may need. This can vary depending on what your emergency situations could potentially be. If you decided to give your nails a fresh coat of varnish, it’s a good idea to carry the nail polish with you in case of any chipping, which also would be a good idea to pack a miniature nail file. If you have stick on nails, make sure you pack your nail glue. I like to carry a sample size perfume with me to apply later into the event so THAT I always smell my best.

Clutch Bag

Depending on the size of your clutch bag you can always throw in a pack of pocket tissues and your camera, but most of all, do not forget to pack your mobile phone! The last thing we need is for you to be stranded with no way of calling your cab. And that is your clutch bag essentials 101!

Clutch Bag

One more thing, try keeping your essentials to a minimum, to save some space for your guys car keys, wallet and phone, they always making our bag their bag.


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