Style Tips : Wearing Right Underwear

Style Tips : Wearing Right Underwear

There is nothing that ruins a beautiful dress than a bra strap or a panty line that cuts you right in half in the middle of nowhere. Hence the importance of wearing right underwear.

Many times beautiful ladies will come into our showroom and they will try on a dress that looks gorgeous and would hate it and say they feel “fat” and “unattractive”, when in actual fact it’s usually incorrect underwear that’s cutting into them.

It is no secret that it is tough being a female, we are told to conform to an image that really doesn’t exist and the last thing we need is to wear undies that contribute to our insecurities. No matter what size you are this is never an attractive feature.

Right underwear is key to help you look and feel beautiful in your perfect outfit. Here are the golden rules to right underwear :-


If you look at Kate Moss you will think you too fat. If you look at Kim Kardashian you will think you too skinny. WE HAVE HEARD IT ALL! Just get to the place where YOU appreciate YOU!! Celebrities don’t look like that naturally anyway, just love you the way you are and give up on trying to be unhappy so you can look like someone else.

Right Underwear


The only think that could make a gorgeous open back or sweetheart neckline look tacky is a bra strap. Instead of breaking your gorgeous dress’ lines, try wear alternative bra apparel. Try stick on cups, bandage tape, stick on concealers. If the dress has cups remove your bra all together. Always match your bra colour to your dress or go with a neutral colour, and always wear bra apparel that will compliment your outfit.

Right Underwear Right Underwear


Instead of having the dreaded muffin top or wearing undies that are too low waisted, opt for undies that are more dress appropriate.  For example, seamless, high rise, or perhaps a pair of spans and rather leave your g-strings for everyday wear. If you would like a more flattering fit that is smooth, emphasizing your shape but hiding bulges and lumps try a good pair of spanx. Always match your underwear to your dress colour or go with a neutral. Lastly always take into consideration the style of the dress for example, cut-outs, colour, slit, fit or flare etc, which will in turn dictate which undies are best for you.


Right Underwear Right Underwear


Remember to stay classy and love yourself !

Amanda Ferri
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