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Style Tips : Wedding Guest Chic

Weddings have got to be my favourite occasion to dress up! Style is limitless, from short to long, fitted to flared, pastels to bolds, I love them all!

If I say so myself, I have attended a few weddings in the last two years, and nothing saddens me more than to see a pants suits, or aunty Sandy wearing the same dress she has worn for the last six years to every family gathering. As much as weddings are about the bride and her dream gown, you may not realise it, but everyone susses each other’s outfits out. Judgement aside, weddings really just are those opportunities you can really dress up and embrace the many pleasures of being a woman in fashion. Choosing an outfit can be very stressful, so I’m going to share a few of my secrets which ensure your next wedding outfit trip to be less stressful and more fashionable.

The most important secret, is knowing where to shop. Finding exclusive boutiques means half your battle is won, not only because they have the most appropriate and stunning pieces, but the store assistance has an eye for styling and if fashion is not one of your strongest points, they can definitely help you out there. Try opening yourself up to different styles and colours, this always makes the biggest statement, but remember to always be comfortable.

Now that we know where to shop, let’s focus more on the theme of the wedding, and the time of day of the wedding. This is important because you really wouldn’t want to be wearing royal blue to a pastel theme wedding or a short dress in the middle of winter up in the mountains. A new trend is for the wedding invitation to have a colour palet guiding the wedding guest towards the colour direction the bride and groom would like them to dress in, this is also considered as the wedding theme you would need to consider. Secondly, the time of day which the wedding would commence should have an influence on the style and length of your dress. There are typically three wedding guests which should cover all types of wedding setting, venues and themes, which you would need to dress according to: a garden wedding, a beach wedding, and a glamorous formal wedding. Follow mywedding dress style guide on how to dress appropriately for these three themes :-

Garden wedding

The words that immediately pop into my mind are flowy pastel chiffon and lace. When ladies walk into the boutique requesting something appropriate for a garden wedding, my favourite pick is always Amanda Ferri’s chiffon asymmetrical one shoulder dresses, which she recently had in aqua, misty blue and oyster. This style is perfect for all body types as it hides those areas that you might not be too proud of, yet still shows a bit of sexy shoulder. If the one shoulder is not for you, other styles like the tea-cup dress, a fit and flare, or a beautiful fitted lace in a stunning pastel or neutral colour will undoubtly look amazing in a garden wedding venue.


Amanda’s asymmetrical one shoulder dress in mint


Various wedding guest dresses in pastel colours


Beach wedding

What you need to bare in mind with a beach wedding setting is less is more, the occasion calls for no shoes, knee length pastel chiffon A-line dresses. A safe trend to follow is the bohemian style. Loose hair curls, foot chains, and off the shoulder lace is the direction you should shop in. Be sure to keep a pair of heels in the car since the reception is usually not on the sand but the décor will still follow a similar setting. A style tip for your wedding guest outfit to still look chic yet casual, is to find a dress with beaded fabric, this makes a casual style suitable for a wedding guest.

Boho wedding guest outfit


Warm pastel and lace wedding guest dress


Glamorous black tie wedding

This has got to be my favourite wedding theme to dress up for, I have fun with my statement accessories, a stunning stiletto, or a classic dress. The only rule for the wedding theme, is to look chic, elegant and to feel beautiful. My first suggestion which is suitable for all body types, is the three-quarter sleeve shift dress, this style works for most and can look stunning in a rich fabric, either beaded, sequinned or printed. The second style would be something long, the only rule with a full length dress is to make sure the style you select is suitable for your body type, so you would want to pay attention to the fit of the bodice, the cut of the skirt and neck line. Typically a bold evening colour is most suited, anything along the lines of royal blue, oyster, deep red or even black with a nude lining. If you the short type, and a bit more daring, a style I love love love is the tutu skirt paired with a boat shoulder top. If you prefer a more low key look, a simple chiffon or midi length bodycon looks stunning with a statement neck piece and a killer heel. As a wedding guest the look you should always be aiming for is something chic and classy.


Royal blue wedding guest lace dress with sleeves


Various full length wedding guest dresses


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