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Summer Party Season Dress Trends

With the Party Season fastly approaching us, we decided to give you some pointers on what the latest trends are. Here are our top party season dress trends…


Chartreuse – the new spunky fashion colour

Often people stick to safe colours for parties, but the colour chartreuse has become a favourite. It’s bright, fun and on trend. It comes in different shades and you can find a shade that works perfectly with your skin tone. The lighter, pale tones suit fairer skins and the brighter darker tones look good on medium to darker tones. A dress in this colour with gold accessories would be a fun look and if you’re more on the shy side, you can find earrings in this colour that you could pair with a nude, ivory or white dress. Summer is a great season for lighter and brighter colours so try stick to those to get you into the holiday mood.


Party Season Dress Trends
Chartreuse Colour


Strapless dress – the perfect summer style

This is a style that can be worn by various body types and shapes. All that matters is finding the right type of styling that will work for your body type. If you’re heavier on the bust, its best to find a bodice with more support like underwire. If you’re broad shouldered, wearing softer fabrics like chiffons and georgette will give off the illusion of your shoulders looking smaller and a bit more on the leaner side. A padded bodice will work wonderfully for a lady with a smaller bust who wants to add to her bust line. This style is perfect and a good one to have in your closet for party season.


Party Season Dress Trends
The Strapless Dress


Tassel Earrings – a bold but fun way to accessorize your outfit

If you own tassle earings then you’re already on your way to being the life of the party. These accessories are bold and fun. They come in different lengths, sizes and shapes, so since some of us are bolder than others it makes it easier to pick the shape and size that best suits with your personality.


Party Season Dress Trends
Tassel Earrings


Cold Shoulder sleeve – flirty coverage

We have so many of our customers who like coverage on their arms but still want it to be flirty and stylish. The cold shoulder is the perfect way to do this, it offers perceptive coverage but doesn’t leave you looking dated. So if you’re conscious of your arms but still want some fun, consider this option.


Party Season Dress Trends
Cold Shoulder Sleeve


Deep Backs – alluring detail

When we think of this style, we think of the unexpected. Dresses with a deep back usually have a high front and so you don’t expect the back to be deep. This is a nice style for ladies who are small to medium chested who can get away with wearing no bra or silicone bras for support. It’s a small detail but it also adds an element of fun and sass to the dress.


Party Season Dress Trends
Deep Backs


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