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Every Dress

Every Dress Tells A Story

Without even realizing it, every dress tells a story.  Some tell a story of discomfort, some tell a story of individuality and some a story of elegance and sophistication. One needs to be aware that what we wear doesn’t simple clothe our bodies but expresses who...

Valentines Dress

The Perfect Valentine’s Dress

Looking for your perfect Valentine’s Dress ? Then this is the blog for you ! Whether you’re going on a special date with a special someone, or having a catch-up cocktails with your girlfriends, getting ready for this year’s Valentine’s Day should be effortless.   Here are...

Matric Dance Trends

2018 Forecast : Matric Dance Trends

Matric Dance Season has arrived ! Majority of schools in Durban schedule their Matric Dances right in the beginning of the year. We like to advise you girls to get organized early to avoid the rush and hectic school timetables in the first term. Here are...

Party Dresses

Party Dresses : Sequin Trend

The end of another year which means time for Party Dresses. We have end year work functions, Christmas parties and New Years parties. So what's better than wearing a gorgeous sequin dress to shine the year away.   There are so many sequin styles so here are...

Right Underwear

Style Tips : Wearing Right Underwear

There is nothing that ruins a beautiful dress than a bra strap or a panty line that cuts you right in half in the middle of nowhere. Hence the importance of wearing right underwear. Many times beautiful ladies will come into our showroom and they will...

Style Icons

2017 Style Icons

Fashion has evolved over the centuries thanks to Style Icons such as Elizabeth Taylor, Madonna, Marilyn Monroe, Katharine Hepburn and many more. As ladies, we often look to these famous Style Icons for inspiration. But, there are new and upcoming Style Icons on the way.   Blake...

Grade 11 Dance Dress

Shopping time : Grade 11 Dance Dress

It's Grade 11 dance dress season ! The last thing you need is an overwhelming shopping experience. Here are some tips to shop successfully for your Grade 11 Dance dress in 2017 :   Get an idea of what you like. When the time comes for you to...

Dress Styles

Dress Styles For Summer Weddings

When shopping for dress styles for a Spring/Summer wedding, keep your look fun and fresh. This is the perfect opportunity to get creative with your dress style and still be comfortable in your dress. Here are our top dress styles for a Spring/Summer wedding:   The Midi...


Spring Dress Trends : The Chic LBD

You walk into a dress shop, you see 100’s of colours and style, when BAM a dress has caught your eye. You immediately feel a connection to the dress. It’s hanging on a black velvet coat hanger, simple but beautiful, as you get to it...

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