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Fashion’s new buzzword: Loungewear

We are all spending far more time at home, where many days are spent slouching around in worn-out trackpants or old husband t-shirts. Not only are they unflattering,…


Evening Wear : Do’s and Don’ts

With so many misconceptions around formal events, these are our top evening wear do’s and don’ts making sure you’re always the best dressed at any special occasion. DO…

Spring Colour Trends

Spring Colour Trends

With the arrival of Spring brings a fresh bouquet  of colours. To keep you up to date on this year’s Spring Colour Trends, we shall introduce you to…

Evening Dress Trends

5 Evening Dress Trends : Met Gala 2018

5 Evening Dress Trends from this year’s Met Gala ! This red carpet event is affectionally referred to as ‘fashion’s biggest night out’. It is a fundraising benefit…

Colour Of The Year

Colour of the Year : Ultra Violet

Colour Of The Year : Ultra Violet. Every year brings a new colour ! And lighting the way for the year ahead is a regal looking deep toned…

Favourite Dresses

Critics Choice Awards 2018 : Favourite Dresses

With Awards Season in full swing, we have rounded up our favourite dresses from this year’s Critics’ Choice Awards. So if you have a formal function to attend,…

Red Carpet Dress

Golden Globes 2018 : Red Carpet Dress

This year was the Golden Globes 75th Awards and celebrities united in wearing black in support of the numerous sexual harassment cases that have flooded Hollywood of late.…

Navy Dress

Dress Trends : Love = Navy Dress

For the love of the Navy Dress … the black alternative! Tired of all your little black dresses hanging up in your wardrobe? Looking for a new colour that…

Black Tie Event

Dresses for A Black Tie Event

Are you attending a Black Tie Event and unsure what to wear ? Then this is the blog for you. Below are our guidelines in making sure you…