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Formal dresses

Evening Dress Trends

2019 Evening Dress Trends

Kicking off 2019 in pure style was last month’s Golden Globe Awards. We’ve have highlighted some evening dress trends for any formal function you will be attending this…

Spring Colour Trends

Spring Colour Trends

With the arrival of Spring brings a fresh bouquet  of colours. To keep you up to date on this year’s Spring Colour Trends, we shall introduce you to…

Durban July Dress

Timeless Colours For Your Durban July Dress

It’s time to shop for your Durban July dress. It is Durban’s grandest fashion and horse racing event of the year. This year’s theme leans towards timeless elegance.…

Prom Night

Tips for a Stress Free Prom Night

It’s finally your Prom night ! This is the night to be laughing, dancing and having fun. It is not the night for stress. Here are a few…

Style Resolutions

Style Resolutions for the New Year

Style Resolutions ? We all make the courageous decision to make New Years’ Resolutions. Some of us stick to them and succeed, while others start and then stop.…

Navy Dress

Dress Trends : Love = Navy Dress

For the love of the Navy Dress … the black alternative! Tired of all your little black dresses hanging up in your wardrobe? Looking for a new colour that…

Year End Functions

Year End Functions : Top Dress Colours

With the end of 2017 fast approaching, so is the season for Year End Functions. Just when you thought you could get a break from stress at work,…

Dress Code

Deciphering The Dress Code

Yes October is in full swing and brings us to the beginning of awards season and other black tie events. Whether corporate or personal, this blog will shed…

Formal Event Dress

Formal Event Dress Styling Tips

It’s the time of year that calls for a Formal Event Dress. Some of us ladies feel totally overwhelmed at the thought of having to go to a…


What’s trending : Lace Dress Trend

A timeless classic for any occasion – the lace dress trend is making a comeback this season. Throughout history, the lace trend has graced us with its presence…