The Festive Red Dress

The Festive Red Dress

With the festive season quickly approaching we thought it would be perfect to inspire you in wearing red to celebrate all your year end functions.


Red lipstick has always been a good accessory for women, especially if it’s a special night. It could be date night or a gala function, a pop of red will always add sass and allure to your look. The trick with this legendary accessory is getting the right shade of red for your skin tone. Light skin tones are well suited to a cherry red and darker skin tones look vibrant in red-orange.

Red Party Dress
Red Party Dress : Dare to wear a bold red lip

You can also choose different hues of this charming colour for different times of the day. A light red with tinges of pink in it for the day and a you could do a darker, rich red for the night. There is no right red or wrong red for all of us but it’s all about understanding the colour and your skin tone. Don’t shy away from this colour, we all need a bit of a red lip every now and then.

Red Party Dress
Red Party Dress : Red lip is a must


A pop of colour in your outfit can range from your earrings to your make up, it could be your clutch bag or you shoe of choice. Red heels are a fun and sassy way of adding colour to your outfit. Whichever colour you choose for your outfit a red shoe will surely make it a bit more special. 

Red Party Dress
Red Party Dress : Pop of colour


This is a look that has managed to command attention as a classic look. Monochromatic outfits are elegant, clean and easy to pull off. It’s all about piecing the right items together. In this instance, red is quite nice to pull off in an evening outfit. Pairing together a gorgeous red dress, a red lip, striking red shoes that you can see and maybe adding silver or gold minimal accessories is a classy way of wearing this classic.

Red Party Dress
Red Party Dress : Be Classic

Amanda Ferri
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