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Tips for Matric Dance Dress Shopping

Thing to remember when you go matric dance dress shopping. The biggest and most difficult part of any matric dance for a girl is finding their perfect prom dress. Dressing shopping can become frustrating, over bearing and time consuming, but it does not have to be.


Have an idea of what you want 

Before going matric dance dress shopping, do a little research on the different styles of dresses and choose your top five favourites styles. Keep in mind the colour that suit your skin tone and don’t be afraid to choose a bold, unique colour like mocha.


Matric Dance Dress Shopping


Be open to different dress styles 

Having found a style that you really love, the biggest mistake you can make is being closed off to any other style. Confidence is key ! Try a few styles on and keep in mind, dresses look different on than on the hanger than they do on your body.


Matric Dance Dress Shopping


Try a few styles to find one to suit your body type

Different dress styles suit different body types. You my like a dress you saw on a flat chested model, but having a heavy chest can give the dress a whole new look. A small bust girl can never go wrong with v-shaped neckline and a hour glass figure would look killer in a mermaid style dress.


Matric Dance Dress Shopping


Shop with an open mind and good attitude

If you have been to a few dress stores already and you feel your mood changing, STOP. Going in and trying on dresses should be fun. Going in with a closed mind and bad attitude can result only in frustration for yourself and those trying to help you. Keep a smile on your face and be open to try any dress the stylist throws at you.


Matric Dance Dress Shopping


Wear the correct underwear

In order to get the full effect of each dress to try, remember to go wearing the correct underwear. Seamless panties or even spanks are your best friend when going dress shopping. This saves you the trouble of imagining the dress with the correct underwear. Don’t let the little things ruin what should be the best part of planning your memorable matric dance.


Matric Dance Dress Shopping


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