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Wedding Guest Etiquette

With wedding season in full swing it calls for you to put your best foot forward and to brush up on your wedding guest etiquette. To avoid any awkwardness or uncertainty, here are some guidelines to help you.


Colours and Dress code

Black used to be taboo as a colour choice for a wedding, however now is not the case. Choose a light, breezy black dress with more of a fun feel. Liven it up with lively jewelry and killer heels. As a wedding guest remember white and ivory is reserved for the bride, however your dress many have white on it.

Remember no ones ever wants to be underdressed at a wedding. If the invite says casual, this means a dress, skirt or suit. As a wedding guest always dres for the venue and follow instructions given.





As a wedding guest you need to be careful of taking photos on your smart phone and then uploading them on all social media platforms. Unless encouraged by the bride and groom, with a hashtag chosen. Remember to allow the professional photographer his or her space, after all they are there to do a job they are paid to do.





The new trend is for brides and grooms to go paperless, and save the forests! Be supportive of this cause reply via email or mobile.




Plus Ones

If you as the wedding guest have been invited to the wedding and your invite does not include a crystal clear plus one, then they are not invited. Please don’t call or ask either as we all know weddings are expensive and everyone has a budget.





Not to self, always buy from the registry ! It is items the bride and groom actually need and have taken the time to select them. If you choose not to, then always include a gift receipt with your gift bought for them.




On Time

All wedddings tend to run late, it’s kind of a given. However, this does not mean as a wedding guest you need to be late as well. Always be twenty or thirty minutes early.





Even though this seems to be quite the obvious thing to do at such a formal occasion, people still don’t. Be courteous and switch off your phones to avoid ruining the couples big day.





It is your duty as a wedding gues to introduce and congratulate the couples parents even if you have never met them before. Also add in that you enjoyed the wedding and thank them for the invite.





The little item that seems to be taken for granted at weddings, the guestbook. Most of the time the wedding day is such a blur to the couple and therefore they enjoy being reminded who attended.




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