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What’s trending : Lace Dress Trend

A timeless classic for any occasion – the lace dress trend is making a comeback this season. Throughout history, the lace trend has graced us with its presence from princesses walking down the aisle, in pure, royal elegance to a sexy and edgy look. As long as it’s lacy, you’re doing it right this season.


Don’t make the mistake of thinking that lace is reserved for wedding gowns and sweet, innocent girls. With the right tips and accessories, a lace look can go from sweet to sexy in no time.

Here are modern ways to rock the sweet and elegant look for this dress trend :

If you’re just a beginner in the lace dress trend, it would be best to start with small accessories and neutral colours. Once you feel like you have the trend under control, be bold and bright by choosing red, yellow, pink and blue colours instead of simply black or white.




To create a spring time look this September, pair a neutral colour lace top with a floral skirt or vice versa.

During the day, it would be best to keep things to a minimum by mixing your favourite lace dress with a simple denim jacket and sneakers. This will keep you comfortable and create a young and innocent look.




Lace bras are a must this season. This look will have you feel sexy and feminine in no time. The lace dress trend has always had a romantic and feminine allure to it whether it is seen or not.

Get Gigi Hadid’s look from the MTV Movie Awards by wearing a black lace bralette and allow it to peak out from under a half-buttoned blouse.




Lace gives the impression of pure innocence, elegance and sexiness. There is hardly any other fabric that can suggest a variety of visual effects. So, take advantage of this trend and be confident. Get up. Lace up. Show up!