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Never know what dress colour suits you ? Today I bring you a few guidelines on how to look your best at whatever occasion you are attending :-


Firstly, you need to determine if you are warm or cool. 


Warm colouring means that you’re likely to have one of the following …

  • Your natural hair colour is, chestnut, charcoal brown, coppery-brown, dark golden blonde, red, light or dark auburn
  • Your eye colour is hazel, brown, light green or light blue
  • You may have freckles and Tan easily, your complexion is golden-brown, yellow-beige, peach or ivory


Dress Colours


Cool colouring means that you’re likely to have one of the following …

  • Your natural hair colouring is black, dark brown, medium brunette, ash blonde, silver grey, salt and-pepper or even white!
  • Your eye colour is dark green, dark hazel, dark brown or dark blue
  • Your complexion is black, olive, fair, rosy or pale
  • If you have white skin, it very often burns in the sun


Dress Colours


Next …. what dress colour would look best on you :-

If you are warm then your best dress colours resemble an autumn day such as yellows, oranges, camel, beige, rich gold, khaki, ivories and reds.

Dress Colours
Best dress colour : warm toned



Dress Colours
Jennifer Lopez in red and nude


Dress Colours
Jennifer Aniston in khaki


If you are cool then picture a crisp winter’s day with pure white snow, icy shades of grey, blue, pink, fuchsia, purple, burgundy, slate-grey, black and white.

Dress Colours



Dress Colours
Cara Delevingne in forest green


Dress Colours
Anne Hathaway in midnight blue


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