Amanda Ferri Evening Wear

DO: Consider the location

The location of the event is a crucial factor when picking the perfect dress. Do ensure you take into account whether it is an indoor or outdoor event. For instance, if it's an outdoor event avoid dressing with trains, keep in mind you may be on the grass and your dress train may get dirty. The location is a crucial factor as it also hints at the events formality. Often people wear semi-causal dresses like tea-length dresses or slip dresses.

Amanda Ferris Evening Wear Dresses

DO: Wear comfortable shoes

This is a must, you don't want to feel uncomfortable on a joyous occasion. Try your shoes on before the event, spend at least 20 minutes in the shoes to determine if you will be able to wear them throughout your event. If you aren't a person who rocks high heels frequently avoid wearing shoes like stilettos instead opt for a block heel.

DO: Wear makeup

Formal events call for more make up so don’t be shy in this regard. Go for colours that suit your skin and compliment the colour of your dress. If the dress is a solid dark colour you could look at doing a bright lip which will make your look pop. However, do remember not to overdo your make up as it could end up drowning or cheapening your whole look.

DO: Accessories

The biggest misconception around Formal Wear is that, one would think that you need not accessorise when wearing fabric which glitters, is decked in beads or covered in eye-catching crystals.

WRONG. The trick is determining what type of dress you have. This will guide you towards the right accessories to use. If your dress is heavily beaded, stick to something simple. If you’re wearing a dress made from a plain fabric like a Crepe or Velvet then go for a statement earring and maybe even a neckpiece. If you do a statement earring, often it’s best to match it with a bracelet and no necklace, so the outfit isn’t busy. If you want to do the earrings with the neck piece then you could look at doing a matching set of earrings and a necklace. What if your evening dress is in a print? Try to pick up one of the colours in the print to accessories the dress.

DONT’: Under dress

Don’t be afraid to wear something fabulous! Many women wear something they feel obligated to wear to please others. Don’t be mistaken people will always judge what you wearing, don’t dress to fit in. Who wants to fit in when you can stand out, and wear what makes your heart happy.

Amanda Ferri Evening Wear Dresses