Finding an outfit for a wedding can be quite the task filled with do’s and don’ts. Below is a wedding guest guide to help you find your outfit.

Who doesn’t love a wedding? It is such a special and beautiful time where two people get to express and celebrate their love, alongside the people that mean the most to them. It is also a great excuse for you as the guest to have some fun and dress up! Depending on the couple, there are different look requests that you as the guest need to adhere to. The couple has spent time thinking and planning out their wedding, and a dress code reflects what they have envisioned. Although your presence is what means the most, the outfit you wear is a visible sign of respect for the couples vision and day. The following are often common wedding guest looks:

• Black tie
• Formal
• Semi Formal / Casual
• Beach or Destination
• Causal
• Themed


On the odd occasion that a couple is not phased about what you wear to their wedding, they will not have a dress code. This can make things a little tricky for you as the guest. In a case like this, consider where the wedding is taking place and the time of the wedding. This will help you narrow down your search. Although the couple may not have a stimulated dress code, there are still universal don’ts. The biggest don’t is the ‘’don’t wear white’’ rule, this also includes off-white, champagne, and cream colours. The only exception to breaking this rule is if the couple has said they want their wedding to be all white.

The next no is jeans and un-collared shirts. Besides sticking out like a sore thumb in photos with the bride and groom, these clothing pieces scream casual and shows a poor effort. Another don’t for the ladies is not to wear something too short or revealing. You do not want to be pulling on your outfit all night and feeling uncomfortable. Lastly, do not overdress or underdress, stick to the dress code and bear in mind that your job is to compliment the bride and groom not to outshine them.


This is the fun part! Remember to always be comfortable and confident in whatever outfit you pick. You want to be able to have fun, and be carefree at the event, so make sure your outfit allows for that. It is also important that you feel good in what you wear. Do not overthink and stress too much about your outfit, the couples care more about you being there at the end of the day!

Black Tie Wedding
A black-tie wedding suggests that the wedding is formal and will be held in the evening.

  • Women: The most appropriate attire would be a floor length dress. It is also common to wear dresses that are mid length or cocktail as long as the style, material and detail adheres to the formal dress code. If you prefer not to wear dresses, a pantsuit or women style suit would also be suitable.
  • Men: For a black tie wedding, a tuxedo is the most suitable option. Tuxedos are usually the attire of choice and probably the only kind of wedding it is appropriate to wear. Pair a dark tuxedo with either vest, cummerbund, suspenders, or bow tie or tie. In some cases, a black suit and black tie will do.

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Formal Wedding
A formal wedding similar to a black-tie wedding, with the difference that men aren’t required to wear a tuxedo.

  • Women: For a formal wedding, the choices for women are the same as a black-tie wedding: floor-length gown, cocktail dress, or an elegant pantsuit.
  • Men: Wearing a tuxedo is optional since the wedding is less formal than a black tie. Wear a dark suit, white shirt, and tie.

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Semi-Formal Wedding

A semi-formal wedding is more of a dressy casual event. What you wear will depend on the time and venue of the wedding: dark, formal colours for an evening wedding and light colours for a daytime wedding.

  • Women: Dresses in cocktail length are great, but women can also opt to wear a mid-length or ankle-skimming hemline like a maxi dress. Fabrics such as satin, chiffon, silk, or velvet (if it’s a wedding in the winter) are suitable.
  • Men: A dress shirt and slacks work great. Of course, take into account the time of day and theme to pick the colour to wear. Men also have the option to wear a tie at a semi-formal wedding.

Beach or Destination Wedding

When you think of a beach or destination wedding, you think of traveling to a tropical beach full of soft sand and blue seas. Still, be mindful of the venue, current weather and season, and time of day for the wedding.
For example, a beach wedding can happen at your local beach with a more casual ambiance. In contrast, the wedding may be held at an upscale resort with luxury amenities and waiters serving your every need. The difference between the two also means a difference in attire.

With that said, overall, a beach or destination wedding involves dressing with comfort in mind. Cotton and linen will be the ideal fabric choice.

  • Women: Think of beautiful floral print sundresses, pastel-coloured maxi dresses, or a dressy top and linen pants combo.
  • Men: Just like women, men should opt to wear light fabric clothing. Linen collared shirts or button-down paired with pants or shorts will look great for a beach/destination wedding. Prints also work for men, but nothing too loud (unless the wedding calls for it).

Themed Wedding

Over the years, weddings have evolved, and themed weddings have become a hit for those who dare to be different. The variety of themed weddings are endless and creative. Some examples are:

  • Rustic country weddings, where it’s a mix of nature and wood elements with soft and detailed textures like lace.
  • Fairy tale weddings, where it’s like taken straight out of a book – ball gowns, horse carriages, and even orchestra music.
  • Holiday-themed weddings, where it incorporates a holiday like Christmas (think lots of green and red colors) or Valentine’s Day (think of lots of pink and red).
  • Color-themed weddings like an all-white or conversely an all-black themed wedding – all creates an aesthetically pleasing wedding.

So what you wear will depend on the theme. You can search online to look for ideas on what to wear for a themed wedding.